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Who to Have on Your Team When Buying a Home

Updated: Apr 26

Buying a new home is very tricky. Check out this helpful first-time home buyers checklist to simplify the process! There’s no way to do it on your own, but luckily, there are plenty of people to help you. You’ll need each one at a different time, and they’ll each help you accomplish a different task, but your success and comfort in your search and purchase will depend very heavily on who you choose to help you. Here are a few people to make sure you include in your search in addition to an experienced title insurance agency like Liberty Land Transfer, Inc.

Buyer’s Agent

This is probably the least important person to connect with, as there is a strong argument for finding homes online, but you should definitely consider finding a good buyer’s agent. Everyone is different, and while some will be more successful in an online search, others will do much better by searching in person, with an agent. Decide which type of person you are before you dive into your search.

Home Inspector

While the law generally doesn’t require a house to be inspected before it is purchased, it is almost always a good idea. A home inspector will be able to tell you everything that is wrong with a house. This will not only help you decide if you actually want the house, but it will also help with negotiations if you decide to make an offer. A seller is much more likely to consider dropping the price to meet your offer if you can give a list of problems with the house as reasons for the discount.


An attorney is required for the exchange of real estate property in most cases. It is their job to check the property for any legal problems and to make sure the exchange of money and the deed all happen fairly and legally. Although you will want to make sure you have a lawyer that is fair and on your side, you will probably share them with the seller. This is fine, as long as you take the time to make sure the attorney is honest and fair.

Thinking about buying a home, and trying to build your perfect team? Contact us – we offer several services that may be helpful, and can point you in the direction of anything you need.


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