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Why Small Real Estate Agents Should Work with a Title Agency

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Real estate agents are people who work face to face with clients who want to sell or buy property. There are several good reasons why real estate agents should work with a title agency to make the process go smoothly. Read more below:

Communicate: The right title company has a team of skilled communicators who are knowledgeable about lending agreements and can translate forms into a simple language that all parties can understand.

Attention to Details: A title company can help real estate agents spot minor details that might be overlooked and provide a fresh set of eyes to thoroughly read the fine print of documents.

Escrow Transfer Process: A title company can offer a quick and efficient escrow transfer process.

Compliance: A title company stays up to date on systems and processes that meet the requirements set by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The main things title companies do are conduct title searches and issue title insurance when real estate sells. Title insurance is mandatory before mortgage lenders can issue funds to property borrowers. A property’s title must not have any defects in order to be eligible for title insurance. A title company also usually sends an agent to conduct a property closing.

Title companies are very helpful during the process of selling or buying property. When a real estate agent closes a deal, a title company manages any escrow accounts and gets signatures for all closing documents.

If you have questions or need more information please contact us.

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