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Your Harrisburg Area Title Insurance Agency

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

As a realtor, home builder, mortgage lender, home buyer or seller, you will, at some point, work with a title agency. We will be honored if you decide to make us your Harrisburg area title insurance agency of choice.

We believe there are many reasons for doing so – reasons that make your life easier and, possibly, result in your transaction costing a little less while still benefiting from all of our experience, diligence and skill.

At Liberty Land Transfer, Inc we believe in earning the right to your business and to your loyalty. We want to handle your title services of course but, more importantly, we want to build a long-term relationship with you. To achieve that you have to be confident in our abilities, and comfortable with our approach to client care – two things we pride ourselves in.

Most people, including professionals who are new to real estate, are unsure about what is involved once the contract is signed and communicated. The title order is raised and a title search is carried out. The search is detailed. It goes back as far as records allow, to confirm the chain of title – who owned the property, and what they or others did with or to it – is complete. The search exposes existing problems, such as liens, contested ownership, etc, that could prevent, either the transaction from closing or which could cause problems later on. Once the search is complete, and all necessary issues have been addressed, the title agent is able to issue the owner’s title insurance policy, as well as the lender’s title insurance policy, if the property is being bought with a mortgage. We will liaise with the lender throughout the process to make sure everything is in place for closing.

Our CEO is an attorney, and so any problems or potential problems can be addressed swiftly. They will not be sent out-of-office to find a solution. Our President has more than a quarter-century of real estate and title services experience. You can be confident in a team like this who heads up an in-house conveyance department. In addition to qualifications and experience we bring a high degree of accessibility to all of our clients. Real estate transactions generate questions and concerns, so we want you to rest easy knowing you, your client or your client’s own attorney can call us at any time with questions big or small.

When it comes to fees, we automatically provide any discounts that are available. We will come to your office, or to that of your client’s, to close the transaction if, for whatever reason, you cannot come to us. Our role is to handle the title services part of the transaction, to enable a smooth and timely closing. It is also to offer an exceptional level of client care. We want to build a long-term relationship with all of our clients so, if you have any questions, queries, or if you have a title order to raise, and want to make sure you are starting off on the right foot, please contact us so we can begin to earn your confidence.

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